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You’re currently sitting in a semi circle, trying hard to not run away from the Christmas Party at Iwatobi High. Your hands were trying hard to not crumple the paper package you were holding, and beads of sweat were running down your neck.

“Alright, it’s _’s turn to give her present!” Ama-chan announced to the class as their attention turned to you.

Your hands became sweaty as you shakily stood up from your place. Damn it, why did Ama-chan have to create a whole new way of exchange gift giving? You first thought that it was easy, but now? Might as well jump down Mt. Everest and into a pit filled with spiders.
Your mind suddenly recollected a memory you wanted to very much forget, because it was embarrassing.

“So today, we’re going to draw lots for the Christmas party!” Ama-chan said cheerfully. In her hand was a little tin box that held pieces of paper. In those papers held names, names of the persons in class.

Ama-chan circled the room, and smiled as each student warily stuck a hand inside the box to quickly grab a piece of paper. Different expressions could be seen in each of their faces; good, bad, or plainly displeased.

Your eyes suddenly directed their attention to Makoto Tachibana, also known as the person [First] [Last] fancies. Yes, you admired the way he could be so patient with people, how he could be both adorable and handsome at the same time, ho-

“Ahem.” Ama-chan cleared her throat as she held out the box in front of you. “You’re daydreaming again _.”

“Wha!” You suddenly woke up from your interesting daydream. You threw your hands in the air and fell out of balance, making you hit your elbow on the person behind you.

Your classmates saw the whole thing, and they snickered. The only ones who weren’t laughing were Haru and Makoto. Makoto was looking at you with concerned eyes, while Haru was not interested with what had happened.

“_, you don’t want to keep people waiting, do you?” Ama-chan good naturedly handed you a piece of paper. “I’ve already taken the liberty of randomly picking a person for you.” And with that, she left your table.

With your breath held for a tiny second, you opened the paper and saw:
Makoto Tachibana.

You slowly walked towards the center of the circle and nervously cleared your throat.

“Now _, all you have to do is describe the person you got, and we will guess who he is for you. After that, the two of you should take a picture together.” Ama-chan instructed, but you weren’t listening.

You had to describe Makoto in front of everyone you knew-well, not everyone but still- and only God knows whether or not you would be able to stop yourself from uttering a word that could ruin your friendly relationship with the guy.

“Umm…. The person that I got is a guy.” You saw that a lot of boys had their attention on you.

"He’s tall.”  A few of them sighed in disappointment.

“He’s really handsome.”

“He’s very reliable.”

“He’s part of the swimming club.” All the other members of the male population in the room except Makoto and Haru seemed to have taken on a miserable mood.

“He’s thepersonthatIlike.” Squeals and catcalls were made by the others.

“He’s M-Mako-Makoto T-T-Tachiban-na.” You stammered as your face turned a shade of red.

You let your secret slip out! The secret you’ve been keeping since freshman year has finally shown itself to public.

The said person stood up as he took the present from you. The passing seconds seemed like a blur as he stood by you and a classmate took your picture.

“Thanks, _.” Makoto said as he pecked your forehead. His lips were so warm and soft against your skin.

He opened the package and found a blue t-shirt with a cute whale on the front. Strangely enough, it reminded you of him, so you bought it right away.

Meanwhile, you felt your face heating up once more. This was one of the best Christmas parties you’ve ever attended.

Extended ending:

“_? Are you okay?” Makoto inquired as he touched your forehead with the back of his hand. “Strange, even though your face is really red, it doesn’t look like you have a fever.”

You couldn’t hear him, however, because you were busy daydreaming. Again.
So first reader insert that's not related to SnK.

I don't know, but I prefer looking at makoto as the perfect guy for fluff thingies //shot

Love y'all ;D
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