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September 14, 2013
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This is kinda related to ASFAWU, but this is just an omake chapter that doesn't have any relation to the story. You could imagine that it is just one of the fantasies Reader has, and that's it. :D Thanks for reading this! :D
The sky was colored a really dark shade of gray. Flashes of lightning and slight sounds of thunder signaled a storm. Not that you would care, a storm would suit the way you were feeling just fine.

Ever since the 57th expedition beyond the walls, you never forgave yourself for letting your teammates get killed. It was partly because of your deal with God. You never forgave yourself for that.

A few drops of rain hit the ground. You loved rain, it always comforted you in a way most humans never could. However, you did not feel comforted in the least bit. You wanted a human being to comfort you, to hug you and reassure that you did the best you could.
You could never ask Rivaille. You were too guilty to even say hi to him in the mess hall. The very thought of him trying to comfort you only made your problem worse.

You swallowed up your pride just enough to go outside and apologize to your friends in the rain. You did not mind the rain making your clothes wet, nor the fact that you could get sick standing in the rain.

Looking up, you saw the sky above. The clouds swirled around in a mad dance, and the sky would light up temporarily, making it eerily melancholic.

Raindrops made contact with your face and slid down your cheeks.  They acted like tears, tears you couldn’t stop.

You did not notice someone staring at your pathetic figure from inside the HQ. You also did not notice that he was walking towards you, holding an umbrella.

“You’re going to get sick doing that, _.” You heard Rivaille’s voice from behind. You immediately turned around to see him carrying an umbrella, and a scowl on his face.
Suddenly, you did not care about the guilt and the sadness you felt towards the Special Ops Squad. You realized that Rivaille also felt it too, and maybe even a lot worse than you. He had been with them more, experienced more sad and happy times with them.

What kind of sadness did he feel when he saw their corpses? You could never comprehend that.

You tackled the Corporal in a hug. He did not push you away, even if you sobbed into his jacket. You felt his hand stroking your back.

“I’m sorry Rivaille, I was selfish. I could have saved them if I wanted to but-” You said, and although Rivaille could not hear what you said, because your voice was muffled for speaking into his jacket, but he understood what you meant.

“We never know what would happen when we make decisions, _.” Rivaille said, closing his eyes and looking down.

You looked up and into the dark eyes of the Lance Corporal.

“I remember our late night conversation, Rivaille, the one where you told me why you were always staying up late.” You said, recalling a certain conversation which happened some nights ago.

“You still remember that?”


“Why bring it up now?”

“I just wanted to remember to move forward.” A small smile graced your features as Rivaille looked at you in surprise.

“_.”  Rivaille’s voice filled with a tone you've never heard coming from the corporal.


“I’m glad that you didn’t die.” Those words touched your heart.

You were about to reply when suddenly, you felt warm lips come in contact with yours. Your eyes widened at first, but closed contentedly.  The umbrella Rivaille was holding fell, and the two of you were left kissing in the rain.

After the said euphoric moment, Rivaille said.

“Let’s go back, _, you’re going to get sick if you stay drenched like that.”

The two of you went back to the HQ, and the strong rain became a slight drizzle.
Requested by :iconarizonatea207:

I really hope you liked it! :D

Sorry for the mistakes, and I love you all!!!

BTW, this is kind of related to ASFAWU, but this is just like an omake, and it's just another way of Rivaille comforting Reader. That's why the title's called "Another Way". (Please forgive me if you hate the title, I sometimes suck at naming stuff)

1.A Surprise fic for :iconfrenzydaydreamer11:
2.Ink Stains Part 2 of 3! Still thinking of a plot for this one, so please note me and give suggestions! :)


~Kaize-chan :D
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